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19 May 2008 @ 11:57 am
This place has got no soul, kid  
Things have been moderately swellish lately, I really can't complain.
I see SUPER things over the horizon, like a 3 Day trip to Chicago that Ben and I are turning into the 1st of many installments of the Honeymoon we never had.(Memphis is next) I'm even seeing Ben Weasel! We've been keeping the fighting with each other to a minimum too. We reserve our griping for talks of his crazy Momma at the moment.
What did everyone do with their IRS Stimulus check?
Me, I paid off some of my travel debt and bought myself a brand new computer + external hard drive.
Holla for new bomb ass systems. My last computer wouldn't even allow me to watch Netflix movies off the site;BUNK!

I need work out buddies in this city god damnit. At the moment I gauge my diet process online with Ness, Victoria, Roxy but its just not enough for me. I need someone to talk to while I'm walking off the powdered donuts I ate in a late night stoney stupor. A little friendly diet motivation would really help. But, im just so judgemental. I'm put off by peoples interests; if you like bad music - fuckin' FOR-GET about chilling with this. (Yes, I know this is wrong but I can't help it.) It doesn't help that SA people have no range in music taste.

In other news, I think I hate my boss. He's so miserly he complained about the price of rubber bands.
I mean for fuck sake, rubber bands? You get like a million for a few bucks. And then there's the other legal assistant, Bitch has the most annoying/fake laugh I have ever heard. And I hear it CONSTANTLY! Ughhz, so not to be a job jumper but I may be looking for a new job. Mayyyyybe. I just don't like that I find myself dreading work everyday. (Hell, I should be getting ready right now)
We may be setting our move date in stone (again). Unfortantly, we probably won't be moving to Austin and that really bums me out.
Whatever :\ Our debt will most likely be paid off in a month and a half to two months so I'm looking at apartments finally.

Speaking of things I finally got around to doing, I'm half-way to my drivers liscense!
Im getting comfortable driving around but only in our Mazda. The Monte Carlo still gives me visions of driving this massive boat
around aka a giant death trap. Oh anxiety, how you love to sneak up on me.

I've been going to some pretty amazing shows lately. Besides Drake, I'm sure theyre the only thing besides St. Elsewhere that keeps me
somewhat sane. Take a looksie,

These will have to be in no particular order I apologize my faithfull LJ reader.

Drake braves the Wacky Shack! I love carnivals and fun houses I think I passed it on to Drake.

He picked a window seat. (You can see his little blonde head sticking out!)

Drake throws a mean goat already. Anyone got mini gauntlets I can borrow?

Commemorating Drake's 1st show going experience. (I try to escape from the Rock Bottom club too, little buddy)

The Pepperoni's minus Mrs. Penny (Tration) wahhhh. They were tight as hell, FM Knives'ish kinda. I can only imagine how much better they would have sounded with keyboard!

Those are some fringey boots, girl.

So, if you're not already into the Chumps do yourself a rock n roll favor and check them out.



Keep your hands off my baby and maybe you're gonna do fine.

The Joneses!

Scratch that bottle

Negativland anyone?


Hello Drunk Face

Momma <3


Manny's Gonna Be A Daddy-Party

Hemisfair Park

Drake's favorite place in the world

Happy in the grotto

Just a little Zissou'y


General Bastard did a mean Sloppy Seconds cover for that, he is awesome.


Before I took a trip to Magaritaville sans Jimmy Buffet

Party Garbage was the soundtrack to my night of binge drinking.
But fuuuuuck, were they good.
Have a good time in Europe boys!


Allen is wonderfully scandelous!

Is that so, Emily?

Eat your heart out for a little bit of the Potential Johns

The Return of Bon Drunkface + my favorite tree

I was too distracted by the awesome view at the Tower of America on Mothers Day (combined with a slight hang
over from the night before) to take a lot of photos but, lookie

Drake traded in his Brian Jones cut for a little Noel Gallager.

Roky pix later, Im gonna be late for work.
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Dirty, Sweet: Little Girl In The Woodskatastrophie77 on May 20th, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
Do you think you'll be coming to Texas for The Boys, darlin?
Wild Weekend is gonna be amazin'